• Founder, Chairman Chief Creative Director

    Richard Cheng

  • Board Director, Team Director

    Fred Xu

    Cheng Yun, who graduated from Northeast Forestry University, is business co-founder, Board Director and Project Director of Hill Landscape. More than 20 years of experience in landscape design and 10 years of experience in design management, he accumulated rich experience in landscape design and sufficient theoretical reserves. He deeply studies the direction of the industry, and practices design innovation and management innovation, realizing the sustainability of Hill‘s creativity and the cooperation with excellent customers.

  • Design Director, Senior Title of Hill Landscape

    Ada Yang

    Ms. Yang, who graduated from Wuhan University of Technology, has been engaged in the landscape industry for 16 years. She used to work in the Aoya Group, and then joined Hill Landscape as the Design Director of the company. Her creative ideas are "sight", "experience", "details", With a unique understanding and full consideration of the site, she spares no efforts and wisdom to each work, and has the design attitude of seeking stability and refinement.

  • Design Director of Construction Drawing

    Chen Junpeng

    Mr. Chen graduated from South China University of Tropical Agriculture, with 20 years of senior industry experience. He has a wide range of professional knowledge, being familiar with the links and technical measures involved in various professions. He has an excellent application ability of professional technical and development ability, as well as outstanding on-site engineering experience and project coordination ability.

  • Senior Mapping Engineer

    Long Shuangquan

    Mr. Long, who graduated from Xiamen University, has the 11-year employment experience, Mr. Long works hard and carefully, with his unique insight in the design field of construction drawing. He has a wide scope of knowledge and excels in various majors. He is good at providing the most economic and the most reasonable design suggestions and solutions of engineering technology according to comprehensive factors such as effect, cost and construction according to the characteristics of every project.

  • Senior Landscape Designer

    Achilles L. Guna

    Achilles L.Guna graduated from the architecture major of Technological university of the Philippines, is a foreign designer with more than 10 years of rich design experience. he has excellent hand-painted performance. He can deeply understand the needs of the project, and optimally control the realization effect of landscape design.He has the ability in taking up new techniques as well as responsibilities.

  • Senior Landscape Designer

    Jay Trucilla

    An architecture graduate from the Technological Institute of the Philippines. His 11 years experience in landscape architecture gave him the ability to manage different aspects from conceptual planning and detailing to construction detailing as well as conceptual presentations and software rendering.

  • Director, Chief Designer of Hill Landscape

    Wu Yinglong

    Mr. Wu graduated from Xi‘an Academy of Fine Arts and worked for Huasen Architecture and Design Company. He joined Hill in 2016. He is good at designing medium and high-end residential landscape, large-scale park landscape and hotel vacation landscape. He is good at deeply understanding the needs of customers, communicating effectively, and implementing the design of creative plans into the project.

  • Director, Chief Designer, Technical Director

    Liu Min

    Mr. Liu has been working for landscape more than ten years, with profound gardening skills and good aesthetic ability, and has the persistent pursuit of design. he has been the chief designer of the company for eight years, with good innovative spirit, active thinking and excellent scheme and landing ability. His practical operability can implement the projects perfectly.

  • Director, Senior Project Manager, Technical Director

    Leo He

    Mr. He has been engaged in landscape design for more than ten years, with rich experience and profound skills. He worked in China Tourism Planning and Design Institute and other organizations, and participated in many large-scale municipal planning and tourism planning projects. He is now the Technical Director and Senior Project Manager of Hill Landscape, leading and guiding the team to implement many classic projects with high quality.

  • Director, Chief Designer of Hill Landscape

    Larry Huang

    Mulai is the Director and Chief Designer of Hill Landscape. He pays attention to the integration of site, culture, art and natural environment in his design. He always insists on the design concept of "close to nature" and tries his best to approach the natural state while resolving the coexistence of reasonable function and form aesthetic feeling.

  • Director, Senior Project Manager

    Sophia Hao

    Graduated from the School of Architecture of Tianjin University, Ms. Hao has 15 years of experience in landscape design industry. Ms. Hao focuses on the whole process control of landscape design projects, with excellent preliminary proposal ability and comprehensive ability of project management. She has an excellent planning ability, open-minded design, strong control over the project plan.


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